Pamela’s Favorite Handbag Collection

This week, We are so excited to share Pamela’s favorite designer handbag collection with you all. You can also check out her video on Youtube (Remember to like her video and subscribe her channel, DUN MISS IT, ENJOY!!!)


FENDI Peekaboo

Pamela bought it in Italy few years ago. This black patent bag is covered by a monogram “outer”, it can be matched with different styles, from day to evening.

幾年前Pamela在意大利購買這個手袋,最特別的地方是這個黑色漆皮手袋外,有一層Monogram可拆式 “外套”,可以配襯日與夜不同的造型!


Petite Malle handbag is inspired by the history of LV Trunks, the shape, the monogram reverse canvas and the gold-tone lock. It can be carried as a clutch or attached to the adjustable strap for cross-body wear.

它的靈感來自經典的LV Trunks,不論是形狀、Monogram雙面帆布和金色的鎖扣。它可以用作Clutch,又或是配搭皮帶變成單孭或斜孭款式。

DIOR Book Tote

DIOR Book Tote is the embodiment of casual elegance, which can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder and It can also be customized with your name to make it more unique.

Many people use the DIOR Book Tote as a travel bag, and Pamela can assure you it makes for a great travel companion.

DIOR Book Tote

DIOR Book Tote是休閒優雅的代表,既可以手提,也可以孭在肩上,更可以在袋上定制自己的名字,使其更顯獨特。

許多人喜歡旅行時使用Book Tote,Pamela也不例外,她表示它是最理想的旅伴。

CHANEL Classic Flap Bag

The CHANEL Classic Flap Bag is a true timeless and classic bag. It is an investment piece, it means that the bag you bought few years ago is now worth a lot more than its original retail price.

CHANEL Classic Flap Bag可以說是一個永不過時的經典手袋,它可以說是一個最值得投資的手袋,每年也會漲價,可以說是最保值的手袋。


The Hermes Birkin is the ultimate handbag in terms of design, craftsmanship, and desirability. You know it’s not easy to buy it, even in their store. Pamela bought it in Korea and she was so lucky that the sales there recommended her to buy this most classic color combination, black with gold-tone details.

Hermes Birkin可以說是許多人手袋的終極目標,大家也知道即使在它們的專門台,也很難買到,Pamela 之前在韓國百貨公司內的專門店購買,她很幸運地遇上當地一個非常好的售貨員,那售貨員推薦她購買最經典的顏色配搭 - 黑X金!而這個也成為Pamela其中一個最喜歡的手袋!

If you wanna know more about Pamela’s handbag collection, again, remember to check it out on her YouTube Channel.


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