Q&A with Pamela

Have you seen Pamela’s latest YouTube Video? If you want to know more about Pamela, don’t miss it.

看了Pamela最新的YouTube嗎? 如果你想了解Pamela多一點,不要錯過啦!

What is your family plan? How many kids are you going to have? Any plan to have second baby?

Pamela : Before Married, I was dreaming to have 3-4 children. Now, I think 2 is good (Enough, haha), I want Adam can be growing with sibling. I hope I can have my second baby these two years.

有沒有計劃生幾多個小朋友? 什麼時候會生第二個小朋友?

Pamela : 結婚之前,我曾經好天真地希望可以生3-4個小朋友,但現在我覺得2個已經足夠,我希望Adam可以有兄弟姐妹陪伴成長,性格比較完整。最理想便是這兩年可以再生第二個小朋友。

What is your recommended high heels brand?

Pamela : Gianvito Rossi, which is the most comfy high heels brand. I’d visited their factory in Italy last year, I really love their culture, history and story.


Pamela : Gianvito Rossi,是我穿過最舒服的高跟鞋。加上之前去過它們在意大利的鞋廠,對品牌了解更深,令我更加喜歡這個品牌。

Which show/ fashion week is your memorable one?

Pamela : Dior Haute Couture Show in SS19, it made my dream came true.

你最難忘的fashion week是哪個?

Pamela : SS19 Dior Haute Couture Show,簡直有夢想成真的感覺。

What is your religion?

Pamela : I studied in Christian School, but I am living without religion.


Pamela: 雖然小時候讀的是基督教學校,但我沒有宗教信仰的。

What is your favorite handbag?

Pamela: Actually this is my next YouTube Video content, it will be released on Jan9. STAY TUNED.


Pamela : 為什麼大家會知道? 這正正是我下一條YouTube片的題目,會在1月9日首播呀, 不要錯過。

Text: Mabel

Photographer : Lavonn Li

Wardrobe : Loewe, Ivan Young & Dior

#YouTube #Loewe #QnA

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