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This Summer, Pamela had visited Salvation Mountain, one of her bucket list. What a unique and interesting place. Salvation Mountain is a hillside visionary environment created by local resident Leonard Knight in the California Desert area.

The Artwork is made of adobe, straw, and the thousands of gallons of lead-free paint. It encompasses numerous murals and areas painted with Christian sayings and Bible verses. All about LOVE.

幾個月前的夏天,Pamela終於到了她夢想必到的地方Salvation Mountain,它是一個非常有趣及獨特的地方。Salvation Mountain是一座位於美國加州的人造山,由當地居民Leonard Knight先生花了20多年時間建造的繽紛山脈,它以土壤、稻草、繽紛的顏料為素材,繪畫出帶有代表和平的太陽、樹木、鳥兒、鮮花等圖案,將他自上帝那裡感受到的愛以色彩的方式展現出來。充滿愛!

Thanks Dave and Candy (Pam's photographer & make up artist) were willing to make her dream comes true. Pamela told me it was really hot, you can expect from the desert during summer but here’s well worth a visit. Everything about this place is a must see and you can only experience it well once you visited it.

Pamela非常感謝Dave及Candy(攝影師及化妝師)願意跟她癲,到這裡拍攝,完成她的夢想!Pamela說可以想像夏天跑到沙漠是非常熱 (又曬還有點焗),但只要令親身來過,你也會像她一樣,感到一切也是非常值得的。

They were driving from LA, they stopped at another tourist spot called Pioneertown, where was founded by a group of Hollywood investor in 1946. They dreamed of creating an old west set 125 miles east of Los Angeles that was actually a town worth visiting, with 80s-style-false-front facades but interiors that had stuff for visitors to see and do too. More than 50 films and TV shows were filmed there in 1940s and 50s.

她們從LA出發,整個Road Trip她們還去了另一個旅遊景點Pioneertown,在1946年時由一班荷里活投資者開發的地方。據知,投資者們夢想將古老的西部小鎮「搬到」LA以東125公里這個地方,將80年代西部小鎮的輪廓及面貌重現在遊客面前。在40及50年代,許多荷里活電影及電視節目也在這裡取景。現在這裡已成為遊客Road Trip的景點之一,Pamela當然也不放過機會,停下來看看和拍照啦!

Pamela said this is definitely a place you have to add to your check list for California.


Dress - Giambattistavalli x HM Collection

Text - Mabel

Photographer - Dave

Make Up & Hair - Candy

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