Adam's Birthday Party

Happy Belated Birthday Adam! You are a big boy now. If you've followed Pamela’s Instagram or Facebook, you might watch the video and some pictures from her social media last week already, but here we are still so excited to share Adam’s 3rd birthday with you all.

生日快樂Adam,假如你有留意開Pamela Instagram或者Facebook的話,可能已經看過派對的Video或者照片,但今個星期我們還是希望可以跟大家分享Adam 3歲的生日會!

It was such a special day full of so many friends, family and Adam’s schoolmates. It’s important to them to upkeep the memories.

Planning a birthday party is like organizing an event! We are not joking! I guess all mothers agreed what I said here. If you are also planning a birthday party to your kids, below are some recommendations from Pamela for you all.


其實為小朋友籌備生日Party跟舉行一個大型活動是無分別的!不是說笑啦!相信每一個曾經為小朋友舉辦過生日Party的媽媽們必定會認同! 假如你也計劃為即將生日的小朋友舉行派對的話,以下是Pamela一些小小的分享!

Venue is the most important part of the birthday party. Pamela was so lucky to find a good and safe venue where could be capacity around 80 people (If you are looking for less scale party, you can just reserve part of the venue, it’s negotiable).

Adam’s birthday party was held in the party room called One Small Step where provided one-stop services, e.g. Catering (their cake is so dreamy and yum), decoration, children’s entertainer etc. Adam and his friends really enjoyed to play with their playground and their experienced children’s entertainer knew how to interact with the children to keep them gripped from start to finish.


Adam今次生日會在一家叫One Small Step的地方舉行,這個場地提供一站式的服務,如食物(那些蛋糕超美),佈置及派對中專責跟小朋友耍樂的表演人員。Adam和其他小朋友也很喜歡那個超大型的室內遊樂場,可以盡情釋放小朋友的精力及透過遊戲發揮他們的創意,再加上演藝哥哥超級有耐性地跟小朋友互動,跟小朋友們玩足全場!(媽媽們也可乘機休息一下)

Pamela and her hubby both said they cannot believe that Adam is already 3. Everyone knows that Pamela enjoys motherhood, especially all the great time with Adam. She feels so blessed to have Adam as her son. (Adam must be feeling so blessed to have Pamela as his mom too ☺ ) Love!


Photographer - Lavonn li

Venue - One Small Step

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