Mini bag is Everywhere

It’s been a few seasons in a row now that the runways have given us of mini bags to wear alone or with a bigger bag.

You can be spotted on the runways from NY to Paris, handbags are noticeably more playful for fall 2019.

有留意開Fashion的朋友也許會留意到,這幾季在時裝秀中,愈來愈多品牌推出Mini bags,無論是單獨使用,抑或掛在大袋中作掛飾。

Mini bags在2019年秋冬中更成為主流,不論是NY,抑或是Paris的Fashion Week中也會發現Mini Bags的設計愈來愈有趣。

Though iPhones get bigger, sneakers get chunkier and earrings get wider, handbag are getting smaller.

Don’t ask is it practical? It’s an accessories and it’s a TREND.


不要問Mini bags實用嗎?這是配飾,這是潮流。

From Dior, Chanel, Loewe and Longchamp, Boyy, We’ve now seen countless high-end takes on this style.

Among those brands, Pamela highly recommends Jacquemus, which has been presenting all kinds of micro or tiny bags on the runways in recent years.

Simon Porte Jacquemus is one of the most exciting designers working in French Fashion today, his fresh approach to the classic Gallic aesthetic is characterized by deconstruction and exaggerated proportions. Pamela loves his design so much, it encourages us to live like a minimalist, less to carry.

無數的大牌如Dior,Chanel,Loewe,以至Longchamp和Boyy等也推出Mini bags。

當中Pamela推介及最近愛用的有Jacquemus,特別是這幾年,他們將Mini bag發揮得出神入化。

設計師Simon Porte Jacquemus是現時法國時裝界其中一個矚目的設計師,大玩誇長的比例,Pamela非常欣賞他的設計,即使有時候未必太實用,但還是忍不住買下它。手袋愈用愈小,惟有提醒斷捨離的重要,不帶多餘的東西,當個時尚的Minimalist。

Photography - Dave Yip, Wing Wong, Official from Longchamp, Boyy & Jacquemus

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