The 5 Skincare Essentials I Took to Long Trip

I really want to share with you all about the products that have totally caught my attention in the past two months, especially during my trip for fashion week.

Let me share my top 5 skincare essentials which were my “must-have” in my long journey.


Actually the schedule of fashion week was so tight that I were often running from show to show. Under the tight schedule, my skin went crazy and I needed to put more and more effort on my skincare routine to keep my skin calm, flawless complexion.

Fashion Week的行程非常緊密,Show接Show,每一日也在追趕時間,皮膚難免會變得不穩定,平日再懶也好,為了保持最佳的狀態,我不得不花更多時間及心機去護理皮膚!

Keep scrolling to check my beauty and skincare products that I used to use in my trip.

快點來Check Check我在旅遊中用過而又真心推介的Skincare產品啦!

1)Tatcha the Shatin Skin Mist

Tatcha the Shatin Skin Mist which is oil free, liquid powder face mist with Okinawa Clay for fresh. I used to use it on bare skin before moisturizer, or to refresh make up during the day or even while flying.

Tatcha the Shatin Skin Mist用上沖繩泥的成分,Oil Free,質地是帶點粉狀的液體。化妝前或化妝後,甚至長途機中,我也喜歡使用,可以定妝,而且可以Keep住保濕,長途機必備!

2)L'occitane Immortelle Precieuse Baume Yeux

I used loads of eye cream because sometimes I had to change my eye make up to match with different styles or outfits. L’occitane was crazy good at making my under-eyes brighter and softer.

長途旅程中,我會比平日更勤力塗Eye Cream,特別是Business Trip,好多時候我需要轉眼妝,以配合不同造型!我超級喜歡L’occitane的Eye Cream,它可以令眼部四周,,特別眼底的肌膚變得有幼軟有光澤!

3)Lassieel Beshine Jewelry Mask

During the trip, Lassieel Mask saved my skin, I liked to sheet mask after bathing every night, it made my skin feel really soft, supple and moisturized.

在旅途中,Lassieel Mask救了我的皮膚,旅行時皮膚特別容易變得不穩定,所以我習慣每日沖完涼臨睡前勤敷Mask,Lassieel Mask可以急救皮膚,變得更加幼滑及水潤!

4)Elizabeth Arden the Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

I used to use lip balm while flying and before make up! Elizabeth Arden the Original Eight Hour Cream was recommended by my make up artist friend. It was super thick and nourishing!

每次搭長途機,旅行中或上妝前,我好喜歡塗厚厚的Lip Balm,之前化妝師介紹我用Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream,質地好厚實及滋潤!

5)Neosporin, Original Ointment

As shared, my skin got crazy easily during the trip because of tight schedule (flying, Jet lag, late nights, early starts every day). I used to pick the moisturizer with high level of tolerance for hypersensitive and irritated skin. Last time when i was in NY, my forehead was in infection, i bought and applied Neosporin, it could quickly to calm redness and put the moisture back in.


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