Chloe is one of my favorite brand. I really want to bring all of their new collection to home. It was a collection of expertly balanced contradictions. Pretty and Romantic, but not too sweet. Cool, but never too edgy. Strong but not unfeminine.

Chloe是我一直喜歡的品牌。看過她最新2020春夏系列後,我恨不得把整個系列帶回家。浪漫,但不會太甜 ; 酷酷的,又不會太前衛 ; 硬朗又不失女性的溫柔。

The SS20 Collection of Chloe, I can say it’s very “Chloe Style”, French Chic combined with Bohemian undertones though designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi decided to shed the bold prints and go for simply and clean design. The collection features silk shirt, feminine suit, shirt dress with interesting volume, message tee etc.

Chloe春夏系列,我會說非常 “Chloe Style”,雖然設計師Natacha Ramsay-Levi放棄了浮誇繁複的圖案,改而取用簡潔的設計,如條紋等元素,但仍能保持Chloe一貫法式的波希米亞風格。

今季我最喜歡她們的絲質恤衫、女性化剪裁的西裝、Shirt Dress及Message Tee等,簡單中又不失details。

I highly recommend their accessories which just like to make a statement, whether I am with the simple details, like crystal chokers worn over high-neck blouses, or crystal earrings and belt, the new form of new Darryl Bucket Hobo bag, the triple-handle Daria Day Bag and new shape of Tess bag.

On Foot, double-strap platforms and short buckled jodhpur boots are finished in burnished calfskin and stamped exotics.


另外,今季推出的雙搭帶厚底鞋和扣帶短靴,採用了光澤小牛皮和壓紋珍罕皮革,硬朗中不失溫柔,非常容易mix and match!

這幾季Chloe袋愈來愈受注目,我特別推介全新Darryl水桶袋、有三種不同挽法的Daria手袋及壓縮版的Tess Bag,可愛又帶點點型格,已經成為我春夏季其中一個Must-buy item啦!

Handbag : CHLOE

Wardrobe : Issey Miyake

Photographer : Wing Wong & CHLOE Official

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