ISSEY MIYAKE Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Show must be one of the best things I have been seen. The collection was called “A sense of Joy” and that’s what new designer Satoshi Kondo, making his debut for ISSEY MIYAKE brought.

ISSEY MIYAKE 2020春夏時裝秀是我看過最精彩的表演,完全是眼球的盛宴。這是設計師Satoshi Kondo上任後首個發佈的系列!

Satoshi Kondo was worked for the brand for over a decade. His first show eschewed the traditional catwalk formula in favour of a series of choreographed vignettes with groups of dancers showing off the clothes.

於品牌工作了十年的他,為ISSEY MIYAKE注入新意,有別於一般的Runway佈局,取而代之是將舞蹈、科技等元素融入其中,一眾舞蹈員展示最新的設計,讓觀眾猶如置身於巴黎的藝術館般,充滿驚喜!

The part of floating dresses at the show was one of the big surprise. Three models in nude underwear held their hands aloft as colorful pleated dresses descended from the sky into their bodies. Once they were dressed they all began to bounce and their pleated vest dresses sprung up and down with them.


Skateboarding was another favorite part of mine. Models on motorized skateboards swishing around the venue as their colorful jumpsuits filled with air like sails.


“We find things that that are in intrinsic in both tradition and innovation, in the culture of weaving and dyeing practiced in Japan since the old days, and in the latest manufacturing technologies and materials developed by advanced science. It is an our interest to look at them with a new perspective, and by connecting the integrating them we can begin to create clothes that bring us a sense of joy.” New designer Kondo explained his inspiration.


Thanks Satoshi Kondo and ISSEY MIYAKE team shared their joy to us. I really love it. Thanks for having me and hope can see your excellent work in PFW next season.

非常感謝設計師Satoshi Kondo及ISSEY MIYAKE團隊將快樂帶給我們每一位。我很喜歡,也很享受這場秀及服飾設計。謝謝你們的邀請,也期待下季在PFW欣賞到更精彩的作品。


Photographer : Wing Wong & ISSEY MIYAKE Official

Video : Fashion Appraisal

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