MFW - Italy Trip with Gianvito Rossi

I made a crazy trip before PFW. Woke up at 3am and flew from Paris to Milan, then went to Bologna from Milan by train. After a long journey, I finally arrived my destination – Rimini, a city of Northern Italy.

Thanks for the invitation from Gianvito Rossi, one of my favorite brands, their shoes is the most comfortable high heel I owned. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is also their big fan and collector, she appears to have taken a liking to Gianvito Rossi’s shoes as she kept wearing the same style of pump in different public events.

PFW前一日,我去了一趟只有24小時的意大利之旅 (很瘋狂吧?) 零晨3點起床,由Paris飛到Milan,再由Milan乘火車到Bologna,再乘車到意大利北部的城市,也是我今次的目的地Rimini。

非常感激Gianvito Rossi的邀請! 我是Gianvito Rossi的Super Fans,它的高跟鞋是我穿過最舒服的,就連英國王妃Kate Middleton也是品牌的忠實fans,幾乎每次公開場合穿的也是Gianvito Rossi同款不同色的Signature Pumps,就知這個品牌有幾值得推薦。

I were visiting the Factory of Gianvito Rossi that afternoon. It was really impactful and unforgettable time for me as I never imagined I can be there, especially toured by Mr Rossi, he built his eponymous shoe brand with a devotion to purity of design. His shoes are the kinds of shoes that transcend trends and time. Mr Rossi said because of his father, Sergio Rossi, the factory was just like his own playground in his childhood.

Mr Rossi shared his design vision and production process of his shoes. With Italian glamour and fine traditional craftsmanship at the core of the brand, Rossi's stilettos, pumps and ankle boots are beautifully designed, highly desirable and synonymous with elegant European style.

到達Rimini後,我們參觀了Gianvito Rossi建於當地的鞋廠,對我來說,是超級難忘及震撼,我從未想過我可以置身其中。特別是整個Factory Tour是由Mr Rossi親自帶領,他跟我們講解了他的設計理念及鞋匠工藝製作過程,Mr Rossi表示他建立自己鞋履品牌是希望可以設計出超越潮流及時間的鞋子。Mr Rossi又分享因為他爸爸Sergio Rossi的緣故,所以他自少便當鞋廠是他的遊樂場。

Mr Rossi設計的鞋承襲意大利傳統工藝的風格,不論是高跟鞋、Ankle Boots等也散發出歐洲高貴的魅力。

Their shoes are using exquisite leather, e.g. crocodile leather and snake leather etc. Mr Rossi shared with us that one piece of crocodile leather only can make one pair of shoes, their shoes is extremely precious, just like an art-piece.

在這個Factory Tour中我更發現他們每一對鞋也選用了優質的皮革,Mr Rossi更分享原來一塊鱷魚皮只能製作一對鞋,所以他的高跟鞋是非常珍貴,絕對是物有所值。

At night, Mr Rossi hosted a private dinner with international celebrities, influencers, buyers and editors at Grand Hotel Rimini. I were honored to be invited to their private dinner as HK representative.

晚上Mr Rossi宴請了來自世界各地的名人、Influencer、Buyer及編輯等出席他設於Grand Hotel Rimini的晚宴,我非常榮幸可以代表香港參加這個盛會。

Thanks Gianvito Rossi team prepared their Natalie Sandal as a welcome gift for me to the dinner. Thanks for having me again and thanks Mr Rossi helps me (and all ladies) feel my full femininity without feeling overexposed. I am planning to get my new pair of Gianvito Rossi soon. How about you?

非常感謝Gianvito Rossi團隊邀請以及為我準備了一雙Natalie Sandal,感謝Mr Rossi讓我(和所有女生)不需要承受穿高跟鞋的痛,也能展現女性美。我已經計劃繼續購買及收藏Gianvito Rossi,你又選定了沒有?

Wardrobe : Maje Paris & IVAN YOUNG

High Heels : Gianvito Rossi Natalie Sandal

Photographer : Wing Wong & Gianvito Rossi Official

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